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Merry Christmas Poems For Everyone – Short Christmas Poems Images

Find here great collections of Merry Christmas Poems For Everyone – Short Christmas Poems Images.

Christmas Full Form Meaning - Poems on Christmas Images Wallpapers

“out of love flows the milk of human kindness,….
for it is there to remind us.
it is god’s blessing from above,… to keep
in mind when it comes to push and shove.
if we all search our souls hard enough,….
will will discover the love that lies hidden deep
inside of us.

let’s all try to get along,…to make life and love
one big happy song.for the world is like an apple slowly
rotting from the core,….ruled by thieves and despots
who are arming themselves for war.
so,if we now all join hands and work along together as one,…..the battle will not be lost,but won.

the world is filled with trials and tribulations,rumors
of war and conflagrations.let’s now all pray for peace among all nations.
life is one big mountain we must all climb and overcome,…..
for if we fail we will surely all succumb.if we do not learn
from history,once and for all,….our world, as we know it
will topple and fall. in our hands we hold our destiny and
fate,…we must all act now,for it is getting very late.”

Christmas Poems for Family, Neighbors and Friends Images Wallpapers

My one wish for Christmas

if i had the power to change one thing in the world today,…..
i would ask us all to pray…..
pray for world peace,thank god that in America we have the
freedom to express out loud whatever we think or say.

pray for the safety of our brave military American men and
and women and all our allied partners in our fight for
democracy and freedom for all.
pray they all return home safe and sound…..
pray for our patriots and military hero’s who died and
were buried on hallow ground.

pray that god continues to bless the American way of life,
liberty and freedom for all…..
pray that our Americana
flag always continues to wave
proud and tall.

pray that all natural disasters desist and decrease,….
and that our love for our worlds neighbors,
only grow and increase.pray that drought never again shall
appear,….pray that starvation and famine disappear.
pray that the downtrodden of this world find cause for
hope and peace,relief from all worry and despise,….
not for just a day,but throughout the year.

so,if i had the power to change one thing in the world
today,….i would humbly praise god and pray.

Short Christmas Poem for Children

‘Twas the Day after Christmas

‘Twas the day after Christmas, and all through the house
Visitors were slouching on the couch.
There were leftovers and bottles of drinks,
And don’t forget the lingering food stink.

Wrappings and toys on the ground;
It was a mess to be abound.
Children were busy at play
And they were gazing at the Nativity lined with hay.

“Goodbye!” countless people screamed
While the gift cards has yet to be redeemed.
“This was the best Christmas ever!” exclaimed Johnny,
Still gazing at countless holly.

Now they’d have to prepare for New Year’s
And clank glasses in cheers.
Ma and Pa were contemplating their credit
They couldn’t even believe it was legit!

“Now, clean up, children!” they shouted
The children wouldn’t budge; they pouted.
Eventually they did clean up
And were rewarded with a hot cocoa cup.

The parents were still thinking of their excessive debt
Heck, for that amount they could buy a jet!
Pa awoke in a cold sweat
And realized they’d forever be in debt.

Maybe Santa was in debt too
He’d have to deal with it through and through!
Did he have any money, any ways to pay it off?
Or would he worry with a frightening cough?

The rest could not wait for New Year’s
While still in deep arrears!
“Twelve o’clock we’ll stay up!” Johnny exclaimed.
Fun and partying would be reclaimed!

And that Christmas may have well been the most exciting
Minus the whining, the biting, and the fighting!
Perhaps next time may have more surprises;
A masquerade of disguises!

A late Merry Christmas some long-distance relatives sent.
On them still remained the stinking food scent!
The greetings all said while Christmas grew out of sight,
“Happy Holidays to all, and to all a good day AND night!”

Merry Christmas Poem

Christmas is nearly upon us

“Christmas is the time of year to reflect with thoughtful prayer,….
to cast aside of all bad thought and habits you expressed throughout the year.
We can all join together to celebrate jesus birth,….a renewal and beginning right here on planet earth.

Jesus left all of us a messagage while here on earth,to love,to care.
his words were ever simple,plain and so very,very clear:
“Be kind to one another throughout the coming year”.

Christmas is the time of year to spend with the young and old, the needy, greedy and the poor.a time to love,a time to share.
let us all spread our love around with all our heart and soul,….
for the love of your neighbor should never turn so cold.

Songs of Christmas carols fill the nightime air,….family and friends
gather round the fireplace drinking egg nog and cider without a worry
or a care,…. a time to love, a time to share.
Chestnuts roasting on the stove, mistletoe strung over every door.
the noisy sounds of slay are so difficult to ignore,….ringing out so
loudly,they spread vibrations throughout the creaking floor.”

Attending morning service in our house of worse-ship, singing hymns
and prayers of thanks,….as children in nearby parks and playgrounds
play games and harmless pranks.Turkey cooking in the oven,children
playing with their new found toys,…..what a thrill and pleasure to
see all the happy and smiling faces on all the little girls and boys.”

Cute Christmas Poems for everyone

Here comes Santa on Christmas Eve

“Here comes Christmas it’s that time of time of year for Santa to appear.

snow is falling on the ground,…..everywhere you look snowflakes
can be found.children wearing mittens in the snow,…..making snow balls they intend to throw.
jingle bells a ringing, jing-a-ling,the sounds of Christmas echos
ring. parents and children skate on the lake,…..the children
home for holiday break.

Children dream of Santa Clause,…..as parents shop without a pause.
the days are bright, the nights so clear,….the love and spirit of Christmas permeates throughout the wintery air.

Christmas carols sung at night,….under a dancing moon that glows
so bright.chestnuts roasting, grownups toasting this special time of
year,…..after a nip or two, all our woe’s and troubles seem to disappear.

here comes santa it’s Christmas Eve,….he’s finally here it’s hard
to believe.santa and his reindeers are now flying high,….their
lonely silouhetes dot the blackboard sky.

Empty stockings line the living room wall, hung for boys and girls
who have images of santa’s gifts racing through their minds,….
all in hope that they will find,…..their stockings filled to the
very top with toys and presents of every kind.”

The Spirit of Christmas Poem for Kids with Images Wallpapers


It’s Christmas in New York City, come and experience
the sights, lights and sounds so pretty
That comprises the rhythm,beat and excitement of our
great big wonderful city.

It’s Christmas in New York City, now adorned in her Most glorious dress,
as church elders prepare the nativity scene and the Baby Jesus crèche.

Christmas trees displayed all over town adorned and decorated in
Gaily colored lights,bells,reefs and tinsel that glows and twinkle in anticipation of Kris Kringle

Sparkling brightly Day and night…boy oh boy what a magnificent sight.

Christmas tree stands gleaming bright and tall in department stores, promenades,plazas,malls, lawns, and homes.
In department stores all over town Santa is busy making his list for all the girls and boys presents and Christmas toys.

Saint Nick extends his warmest Christmas wishes to all who visit or call,
“Merry, Merry Christmas to one and all”… Here’s hoping, that on Christmas Day snow will fall.


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