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Funny Merry Christmas Poems, Cute Latest Christmas Poems for everyone

Here some funny Christmas poems for everyone, Some people really like to obtain funny Christmas poems during Christmas. Some people like to get long poems and some like short poems. Poems always play a very vital role during Christmas. Now Christmas season has come and people are enjoying this season. We will recommend you, if you want to entertain with your friends then this year send then funny merry Christmas poems. We have here huge and unique collection of funny merry Christmas poems and other categories.

Christmas funny poems

Funny Merry Christmas Poems

  1. There once was a little boy so small
    he liked to make a lot of noise
    And drove his parents up the wall
    With all those kinds of toysSo they wouldn’t let him have a drum
    A whistle or a flute…
    Merry Christmas To all.
  2. I made myself a snowball,
    As perfect as could be,
    I thought I’d keep it as a pet,
    And let it sleep with me.
    And a pillow for its head,
    Then last night it ran away,
    But first – it wet the bed!Merry Chritmas To Kids.
  3. In The bleak mid-winter
    Frosty winds made moan,
    Earth stood hard as iron,
    Water like a stone
    Snow had fallen, snow on snow,
    Snow on snow,
    In the bleak mid-winter.
  4. The poet’s crown,
    Are bawl’d in frequent cries through all the town;
    Then judge the festival of Christmas near,
    Christmas, the joyous period of the year!
    Now with bright Holly all the temples strow
    With Laurel green, and sacred Mistletoe. Merry Christmas.
  5. Ah, Christmas, merry Christmas!
    Thy call we must obey,
    And carry faceless garlands
    In honor of the day.
  6. Christmas is coming,
    I’m so exited  I bet Santa is to,
    He’ll be delighted.

  7. While shepherds watched
    Their flocks by night
    All seated on the ground
    The angel of the Lord came down
    And glory shone around.
  8. Ah,Here is a thought of little worth
    Snowmen start their fall to earth
    From Heaven above unassembled
    And like a snow globe it resembled
    But if a snowman were then desired
    Some assembly would be required.
  9. If  I could write words
    Like leaves on an autumn forest floor,
    What a bonfire my letters would make.
    If I could speak words of water,
    You would drown when I said,Merry Christmas.
  10. Christmas Time is finally here,
    It only comes but once a year.
    And it’s a time to spread good cheer,
    To those we love and hold so dear.
    Christmas Time is a time of glee,Merry Christmas Poems.



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